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Electronic Certificates


CertAfrique is a DKBS company offering a range of certificates for Digital Certification in Africa. These certificates are used to guarantee the protection of your person , your organization and your websites.

Electronic signature

Sign a digital document is like to associate a signatory can be identified with certainty. The electronic signature is for a digital document, the equivalent of the handwritten signature. It is no longer necessary to print a document to sign it ! CertAfrqiue products will greatly simplify your life


The certificate is used to identify an individual, a server, a company or other entity.It provides the infallible proof of the identity of the person avoiding identity theft problems.


Increased confidence of your website visitors had to authenticate the identity of your organization. Transaction security is garentie , effective protection against phishing attacks, identity theft.


person certificate

Certificate hosted on a computer or physical support (smart card , USB key) linked to an individual (and possibly also related to his business, his bank , his ISP) . This is the equivalent of a true professional electronic identity card certified by a trust service provider CertAfrique. Our person certificate enables strong authentication and document signing.

  • Sign electronic documents
  • Authentication
  • On key or software
  • Price: 70.000 FCFA incl. taxes


    certificate SSL

    A SSL certificate is a data file that links a cryptographic key to the information of an organization or an individual. Installed on a server, the certificate activates the padlock and the "https" protocol in the browsers, to ensure a secure connection between the web server and the browser. Generally, SSL is used to secure banking transactions, data transfer, and login information, such as usernames and passwords. It certifies that the company or organization is definitely the owner of the website as this is verified and validated by the CertAfrique Certification Authority. Not only your domain name is verified but also the company itself, which provides a double trust to your visitors / customers

  • Enable protocol« https »
  • Website credibility with green padlock
  • Your corporate identity
  • Price: 277.300FCFA incl. taxes


    Server Stamp certificate

    It allows the identification of servers being itself hosted on a server. the Server Stamp Certificate technology allows to seal data, that is to say to guarantee their authenticity and integrity. This can be likened to a signature usually made by an application, in the name of a legal person (company, administration, etc.).

  • Software format
  • Automatic documents signing
  • Credibility of documents
  • Price: 463.000FCFA incl. taxes


    SSL WildCard certificate

    A SSL certificate is usually issued for a single fully qualified domain name, www.yourdomain.com, for example, which means that only this domain can be secured. The Wildcard SSL option will make it possible to issue a certificate for a domain name preceded by an asterisk, *. domain.fr, for example. This will allow an unlimited number of subdomains that replace this asterisk to be equally secure, with only one certificate and on an unlimited number of servers. The unique cost of the certificate will include any subdomains or servers that you add later..

  • Secures all sub domains with a single certificate
  • Secures an unlimited number of servers
  • Acceleration of loading speed for better performance
  • Price: 641.390FCFA incl. taxes


    • Person certificate

      70.000FCFA incl. taxes /Year

      On USB key or software

    • Personal Token

      30.000FCFA TTC

      physical media


    • SSL OV

      277.300FCFA TTC /Year

      credible site with green padlock

    • Server stamp certificate

      463.000FCFA TTC /Year

      Automatic document signing

      Software and hardware

    • SSl WildCard Certificate

      641.390FCFA TTC /Year

      Secures an unlimited number of servers. 1 certificate to secure all subdomains